On the left, our live action kung-fu TV ad from 1999, starring Josh, Shawn, Matt, Sarah, JP and Tom. On the right, three 10-second animated TV ads from 2007. Produced by Standard Design.

Here's a whole bunch of radio ads, written and recorded by Tom Pappalardo, with guest voices including Shawn R., Matt S., Matt D., Sturgis C., and Sarah S.

"I LOVE Folk..."  (our first ad!)

Motocross Madness! Madness! Etc!

Surfer Guy & German Dude 

Joe Turnett, MajikMan

"I hate this room, and I hate YOU!"

Theme from Indy Record Store

Alien Invasion! 

Just Like The Real Thing!

The Hershel & Carlton Show 

Crazy Joe Turnett's Used CD Corral

"HO! HO! HO!"

Do Not Ingest This Ad

Have a Swanky Christmas


Wicked Pissah New England Ad

GiftCards: Suspicious (long version)

Fabrications & Lies

Joe Turnett: Sportsfan!

I Will Rule... The World


Hey New England Guy


The Amazing New Improved TIU Infomercial

Message from Joe Turnett, founder

It. <---- the latest ad!

Here is a smattering of print ads (1996-present) made by Standard Design.